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The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and the Minister of Justice, Andrew Little are upset that Members of Parliament should see graphic pictures of defenceless and weak unborn children who have been violently killed in abortions.

Right to Life asks that if the images exposing the bodies of the brutally murdered victims of abortion are so horrible that they cannot stand to look at them, why do they tolerate and facilitate their murder?

Prime Minister, the only voice aborted babies have is their broken and bloodied bodies.

Their broken and bloodied bodies is the only way they can speak to you.

Adern does not listen

On the day of the second reading of the anti-women and anti-life Abortion Legislation Bill, members of the pro-life movement gathered peacefully outside Parliament.

Several members held heart-rendering graphic pictures of aborted babies.

The Prime Minister, who has enthusiastically sponsored her Labour-led government bill, said she was personally against the use of such images.

“I just think that’s not a way to share the legitimate views that other people will have.”

“People will have their own views and they should be able to freely express them.

“But people should also be mindful that those who have gone through some of these experiences, that will weigh heavy for many.”

Right to Life sympathises with the Prime Minister, it is very disturbing to see pictures of the dismembered and bloodied bodies of children who have been violently killed.

Right to Life believes that if we are going to engage in a respectful and informed debate about abortion it is important to consider the objective of abortion.

Every abortion results in a violently killed child.

How can we debate your Bill when you refuse to acknowledge that abortion kills an innocent human being?

Little objection

Justice Minister Andrew Little also objected to the use of such images.

“New Zealanders on average have a low level of tolerance for that sort of extremism. If these people want to go around upsetting the rest of New Zealand, that’s their call.”

Minister, why is it extreme to graphically depict the results of your ill-conceived abortion Bill?

Is it your Bill that is extreme?

Is it not you and your extreme abortion Bill that is upsetting the rest of New Zealand?

Vulnerable not protected

Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, why do you want to kill unborn children?

Why are you not protecting society’s most vulnerable?

From the moment of conception we are human beings endowed with an inalienable right to life.

Children come to bless our nation, all they ask is to love and be loved

Prime Minister, Minister of Justice you choose not to hear the silent scream of the unborn child as the abortionist forces their way into their home, intent on violently killing a living child.

You might not like to listen, but the graphic pictures of the bloodied and dismembered bodies speak to you.

  • Ken Orr is a spokesperson for Right to Life.
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