NZ launches ‘Do Good, Do Well’ campaign in New York City

Do Good Do Well

A campaign to attract a new generation of ethical investors and investments in New Zealand has just been launched. It’s name – Do Good, Do Well.

Invest New Zealand, which is part of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), says the campaign’s aims are twofold.

Firstly, to drive home the message that businesses that do good for people and the planet are rewarded financially. Additionally, to encourage foreign investors to invest in values-based New Zealand businesses.

NZTEs global launch began with an investor-focused event in New York City. The Minister for Economic Development, Stuart Nash and NZTE’s GM, Investments, Dylan Lawrence hosted the event. Guests included local investors and press representatives there to cover the campaign launch.

A ‘hero video’ highlighted some New Zealand companies already living the brand platform ethos. It also showcased additional marketing collateral that will be rolled out across key markets for the campaign. These key markets include the US and the UK.

Kiwis know how innovative local business are, but this campaign aims to help foreign investors understand this too, a marketing consultant for the campaign says.

“Aotearoa punches above its weight when it comes to creating sustainable and ethical solutions to global challenges. The new brand platform demonstrates just how powerful our business innovation is and the value it presents to foreign investors.”

Another marketing consultant says Aotearoa has an innovative business environment that is increasingly prioritising sustainable and values-based business practices.

“We wanted to ensure that our business priorities came through in this campaign, highlighting the importance of doing good in business. We’re looking forward to seeing the opportunities this opens up for NZTE,” he says.

The strength of a values-based approach is growing amongst the international business community.

An international study from Deloitte cites societal impact as the top factor when leaders evaluated annual performance. Thirty-four percent of businesses believe societal impact is the most important indicator of success. They put it ahead of customer satisfaction, financial performance or employee retention.

The General Manager of NZTE’s Investment team believes New Zealand’s reputation for having a strong sense of environmental and social justice is something that is becoming more attractive to global businesses.

“’Do Good Do Well’ helps to highlight that – regardless of whether it is Cogo, a digital tool that empowers individuals and businesses worldwide to measure, reduce and offset their impact on the climate, or Kono which is an artisan food producer contributing to the thriving $70 billion indigenous Māori economy, we are proving time and time again that purpose and profit can go hand-in-hand,” he says.

The new investment drive will run in major international markets including the United States, United Kingdom and Germany to attract productive, inclusive, and sustainable investment opportunities that drive economic benefit for the good of New Zealand.


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