Charles and Diana marriage always doomed

Charles and Diana

The marriage of Charles and Diana was never going to be successful, says former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey.

Speaking on a new royal ‘docuseries’ the Church of England’s most senior cleric from 1991 to 2002 says he was ‘pitched in to help’ with Charles and Dianna’s marriage.

In a frank discussion, he tells ITVXs ‘The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor’ how he was called in to try to rescue the couple’s turbulent relationship.

“I found myself as the Archbishop of Canterbury pitched in to this.

“I remember one meeting at Number 10 Downing Street with [former Prime Minister] John Major and some members of the Cabinet, wrestling with what we could do to help.

“The role I took was to try and meet up,” Carey (now Lord Carey) says.

The “dynamic (between Charles and Diana) was not going to be successful.

“Charles, deep thinking, a slower personality, reflective. Diana, dynamic, vibrant, less driven. It wasn’t going to work.”

The royals and the archbishops

For centuries, Archbishops of Canterbury have been entrusted with helping members of the Royal Family tackle some of the trickiest issues of the day.

Probably the most famous case was one Archbishop Thomas Cranmer was called in to help with.

That was when King Henry VIII and Cranmer wrestled with the King’s demand to divorce Katherine of Aragon. Cranmer successfully negotiated with the Pope. He then validated Henry and Anne’s marriage.


The Coronation, which is just three weeks away, will see both King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla crowned in front of 2,000 people in Westminster Abbey.

Charles’ and Diana’s sons, William and Harry, will be present.


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