Brian Tamaki rages at gutless Christians after election losses

Gutless Christians

In a fiery address during a Destiny Church gathering on Sunday morning, Destiny New Zealand’s Bishop Brian Tamaki didn’t hold back in his criticism of what he called “gutless Christians.”

Tamaki’s focus was the election result and the state of Kiwi society.

The outspoken Bishop began his address with an apology for being late, attributing it to watching the All Blacks.

Still, his speech quickly turned political and confrontational as he addressed the election outcomes.

“So did National win last night on the back of the fact is that we’re so anti-Christ that a person (Simon O’Connor former Tamaki MP) can’t any longer stand up for their Christian faith?

“Just to say: I agree with the abortion changes in America?

“What sort of Christians are we breeding? … Gutless Kiwis … gutless Christians!”

Despite Tamaki’s fervour, the Destiny Church-affiliated Freedoms NZ umbrella party managed to secure only 0.31 percent of the total votes, totaling 7031.

Hannah Tamaki, wife of the Bishop also shared her thoughts on the election results during the gathering.

“I’m actually quite glad that the prime minister of the day is a married man who has a beautiful wife and children because the exiting one told everybody last night that ‘a lot of you don’t know my partner Toni.’ Well, we knew, but we didn’t know,” Hannah said.

This impassioned gathering highlighted the ongoing debates and divisions within New Zealand society over issues related to faith, politics, and societal values.


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