CT scan reveals Pope Francis battling lung condition

Pope Francis

At the start of his Sunday Angelus message, Pope Francis disclosed that he is battling a lung condition.

The health scare prompted the Pontiff to cancel his Sunday appointments and undergo a CT scan.

With the CT scan results proving negative, Francis returned from the hospital and participated in the Angelus message, albeit in a limited capacity and with a hoarse voice.

Monsignor Paolo Braida, who had a hand in preparing the Angelus reflection, stepped in to read the text and most of the greetings on behalf of the Pope.

Also, deviating from his usual practice, Pope Francis did not recite the Angelus message from the traditional window above St Peter’s Square.

Instead, in a move underscoring his current health challenges, the message was delivered from the Chapel of Casa Santa Marta and was broadcast live on Vatican TV, streamed on Vatican News and displayed on screens in St Peter’s Square.

Following the Angelus, Francis prayed for Ukrainians, marking the commemoration of the Holodomor, the Great Ukranian Famine. He also expressed gratitude for the recent truce in the Holy Land, signalling a momentary pause in the regional conflict.

Pope Francis then turned his attention to the youth, urging them to be “joyful protagonists” in the Church.

However, throughout the broadcast, the Pope’s physical condition was apparent and despite noticeable congestion and coughing, he led the prayer with determination.

He concluded the message with his customary warmth, wishing everyone a happy Sunday and a good lunch.

In a humble request, he asked the faithful to pray for him, a practice he regularly follows.

The Vatican described Francis’ condition as “good and stable”.

“The pope’s condition is good and stable, he does not have a fever and his respiratory condition is decidedly improving,” Vatican Spokesman Matteo Bruni said.

Bruni said Francis was “receiving antibiotic therapy intravenously” and would limit his activities over the next few days but still plans to travel to Dubai for COP28 early in December.

In April this year Pope Francis revealed he was unconscious and could have died when he was rushed to hospital on 29 March.

Francis suffers from several ailments. Part of one of his lungs was removed because of an illness when he was a young man in Argentina.

The Vatican, Monday, reports Francis’ condition is stable and clearly improving.


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