Virgin Mary’s veil and true cross fragments on display in Christchurch

Rebecca Taylor-Hunt, Director of the Catholic Enquiry Centre, reports that among an exhibition of relics unearthed beneath the earthquake-ravaged Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Christchurch, a minute fragment of The Blessed Virgin Mary’s veil and a piece of the true cross are prominently featured.

Titled ‘Saints in Coffee Jars’, the relics are currently on display this week at the Christchurch Arts Centre.

In addition to showcasing these historical artefacts, Taylor-Hunt is documenting the exhibition through film.

These relics, encapsulated in history, were discovered buried beneath the cathedral in a coffee jar, only to be rediscovered following the demolition of the cathedral after the Canterbury Earthquakes.

Triona Doocey, the Christchurch diocese archivist, also mentions the discovery of a Schweppes bottle containing rolled-up lottery tickets, believed to be a playful jest by Father Kevin, highlighting his sense of humour.

The origins of why Father Kevin decided to bury the relics remain a mystery.

The relics were originally collected by Bishop Grimes, the first bishop of Christchurch, who served from 1887-1915.


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