Vinnies continues responding to Gabrielle hardships

One year after the devastating Cyclone Gabrielle, St Vincent de Paul continues its recovery support in Wairoa.

A pivotal visit by St Vincent de Paul Napier council member Dan Sussmilch helped the organisation develop a multifaceted strategy to offer immediate relief and assist in facilitating the community’s long-term rehabilitation.

As part of its community involvement in Wairoa, St Vincent de Paul is helping clean up and restore 25 homes.

With specialised silt crews employed for this essential work, St Vincent de Paul is allocating funds for necessities such as digger fuel, carpentry supplies and building materials, as well as covering the costs of essential plumbing and electrical works.

In addition to the repair and restoration, Vinnies has distributed hampers to 320 families.

Filled with goods purchased from local businesses, who themselves were impacted by the cyclone, the move is designed both to provide essential aid and help rejuvenate the local economy.

Ongoing commitment

St Vincent de Paul’s commitment to helping Wairoa recover is ongoing.

The collective effort, particularly the invaluable contribution of volunteers, is pivotal in the management and execution of relief operations.

“The involvement of Vinnie’s volunteers embodies the spirit of communal solidarity in overcoming adversity,” a St Vincent de Paul member told CathNews.

As the recovery journey progresses, the Napier branch of St Vincent de Paul remains resolute in its mission to deliver critical support, highlighting the effective results of united action.

“Last year St Vincent de Paul Napier also assisted those affected by the devastation caused by Cyclone Gabrielle,” said Christine Tong, area president of St Vincent de Paul Napier.

“We were extremely grateful for the Funds Appeal launched throughout New Zealand by our St Vincent de Paul Society’s National Office and the wonderful generosity shown during this extremely difficult time”, she said.

Lotto millions sit with Internal Affairs

The government Cyclone Gabrielle Appeal Fund received $11.7m from the special Lotto draw in March 2023 and was bolstered by more than $1.7m in public donations – plus interest earned over the past 12 months.

The money sits with the Department of Internal Affairs – unspent.

Those wanting to know where the Lotto draw and public donation funds will go are set to get answers sometime in mid-February.


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