Board forced to bring in outsiders to staff Invercargill abortion facility

In New Zealand, the Southland District Health Board has been unable to find a doctor or nurses at the Southland Hospital to assist in terminating the lives of unborn children at the Hospital.

In August, a senior paediatrician, Dr Vili Sotutu, resigned in protest against abortions, but was later re-employed after discussions with hospital authorities.

Spokesperson for Right to Life Ken Orr says the Board recently advised Right to Life, in a letter, that it planned to bring a doctor from Queenstown for one day a week to perform abortions at the Invercargill facility. The doctor would be assisted by two midwives from Southland.

Orr says “Right to Life applauds the doctors and nurses of the Southland Hospital for refusing to be involved in the killing of unborn at the Hospital. They have upheld the sanctity of life of every unborn child and opposed a culture of death.”

According to a FairfaxMedia report, to protect the identity of the staff  “The Southland District Health Board would not say whether the clinic’s staff were from the area, or were travelling from other regions.”

The report says “Anti-abortion group Southlanders for Life is vowing to step up protests outside the clinic, and to “name-and-shame” medical staff. Pro life  group  Southlanders for Life  is planning protests outside the clinic, and to ‘name-and-shame’ medical staff.”


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