Benediction: A free game for iPhone and iPad

Mike Schramm has just released a game for the iPhone, iPad mini and iPad, to the iTunes app store. It’s free and it’s called Benediction.

In his own life lately, Schram says he has been dealing with some heavy stuff, that caused him to wonder what it would be like to have the powers of God, to just fix things by snapping ones fingers, or just tapping a screen!

From there, Schramm went to the idea of “answering prayers” from a screen tap, and after thinking about prayer and doing a few Google searches for it, and he came up with the name “Benediction,” which he remembers from his childhood as a blessing, a prayer meant to send people on their way, happy and ready to deal with the world.

It’s with this background, that Schramm had his theme for the game. He’d be answering the prayers of supplicants as the player, the App is God with infinite power, answering prayers as needed.

A reviewer at Cult of Mac says the game has three things going for it.

  • Benediction is a clean game with a simplicity of purpose
  • Secondly, the narrative is of an artist, bringing issues from his own life into his work.
  • Finally, there’s a progression mechanic in the game. Each game has a limited amount of “god power,” which gets used up each tap. The idea is to make your taps, which use up this energy source, clear the most amount of smiley faces as possible, maximizing your score. As you earn points for each game, they add up and can be traded for power ups, also connected to the four different colors in the game, which do some neat things like double your scored points, drop single colors down from the top, or recharge your god power.

Download the App. It’s free.

Source: Cult of Mac

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