Anglican commission considers separate church for gays

Differences over the blessing and ordination of gays could see the Anglican church in New Zealand could split or even disintegrate.

These are two of the options being considered by a church commission dealing with differing views over same-sex relationships.

The commission, established two years ago, and chaired by former governor-general, Sir Anand Satyanand, was tasked to “listen, read, discuss and provide a description of possible options for a way forward.”

It is currently considering at ten possible options.

The commission received 199 submissions including one from retired Wellington bishop, Richard Randerson who is of the view that more people in the Anglican church are coming to accept homosexuality.

“Same sex attraction is a natural thing for some people,” he said.

Randerson is of the view that different Anglican dioceses need to be able to make their own decisions on these matters case-by-case.

He labels both the option to establish a separate church for gays and the dismantling of the church are extreme views, but that any moves to keep the status quo would not be progressive.


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