Typhoon Hagupit – preparedness has reduced casualties

Despite 220kph winds and heavy rains lashing the Philippines since Typhoon Hagupit made landfall on Saturday.

Casualties from the storm have been minimal however, there has already been significant damage left in the wake of the typhoon, with 80 per cent of homes destroyed in some areas.

Donations to assist with the humanitarian response and ongoing aid programmes can be made to Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand by:

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Aid organisations like Caritas, working with government and communities, to prepare for emergencies like this have done a lot to reduce the number of casualties.

Caritas in the Philippines has stockpiled essential supplies, provided updates to areas in the path of the typhoon and has joined with other NGOs and local authorities to help organise the largest peacetime evacuation in the country’s history.

In the wake of Haiyan – the largest typhoon ever recorded over land – Caritas has continued to work with dioceses around the country to put in place contingency plans that better prepare people for the regular natural disasters that hit the Philippines.

Nearly one million people have been pre-emptively evacuated from affected regions and have taken shelter in evacuation centres.

Relief supplies for thousands of families have also been pre-positioned to allow the essential items to be distributed easily and quickly to those in need.

Caritas is continuing to monitor the typhoon and monitor communities affected by the typhoon.

“With Typhoon Hagupit now decreasing in strength, Caritas is going back to affected areas to assess the damage, assist with cleaning up and ensure that people have essential items and shelter,” says Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand director Julianne Hickey.

“Once these basic needs are met, we will work with communities to help them rebuild their lives and livelihoods to be more resilient in future emergencies.”


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  • Image: caritas.org
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