Mike Pence prays, studies Bible with Trump cabinet

The United States Vice President Mike Pence and a group of Donald Trump’s cabinet meet each week to pray and study the Bible. President Donald Trump is welcome to join them, they say.

The gatherings are part of a programme devised by a Christian ministry in the Capitol.

Pence has been described as an “Evangelical Catholic“.

“My Christian faith is at the very heart of who I am,” he said last year during the run-up to the election.

Created for government officials at all levels, Ralph Drollinger who runs the ministry, says “God will bless the nation when its leaders turn to him in prayer”.

“God judged Israel when His people worshipped other gods. Too often this betrayal was fostered by her spiritual leaders. … It stands to reason that spiritual leaders who minister to our government leaders are critically important to the health of the nation,” he said.

“Whether or not they lead them in God’s ways has huge repercussions relative to if or not God blesses a nation.”


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