Hāhi Katorika has not kept up with Māori resurgence

Hāhi Katorika

Sister Tui Cadigan says being Catholic and being Māori are two sides of identity but many younger Māori haven’t found ways to reconcile the two.

Cadigan is the chair of Te Rūnanga o te Hāhi Katorika ki Aotearoa (National Catholic Māori Council of New Zealand).

Te Rūnanga is an advisory council to the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

She said Māori now have many opportunities to engage with the Māori part of themselves, “I can start with kohanga and work all the way through”, but the Hāhi side has not kept pace with that.

Cadigan says it is a time for te iwi Māori within the whanau of Katorika to do something about it.

The church, she says, is going through a period of change, with Pope Francis attempting to move a lot of the decision- making away from the Vatican towards the people.

Te Iwi Māori Katorika held a hui at Whaiora Marae in Otara over the weekend.

The hui was facilitated by Cadigan, Danny Karatea Goddard (an advisor to the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference) and historian Peter Lineham from Massey University.


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