Abortion law reform: NZ Catholic bishops call to action


New Zealand’s parliament is debating a significant revision of the country’s abortion laws.

The New Zealand Catholic bishops have sent a message to church members encouraging them to inform themselves about the issue and to take some action while the revision is under consideration.

Click here to see a comparison between the existing and the proposed legislation and a list of points for anyone who wishes to make a submission to consider.

In their message, the bishops say: ” every pregnancy involves at least two lives – the child and the mother. Every abortion takes away an innocent life.”

“Protecting and caring for life from conception to natural death stands at the core of our Catholic faith. From the moment an embryo comes into existence, a genetically and spiritually unique human life has begun,” the bishops say.

“It is already the human being it will always be. It will only grow in size and complexity and is therefore entitled to be treated with the same respect as other human beings.”

The bishops suggest three ways of responding to the present situation.

We are called to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We have an obligation to advocate for the right to life of the unborn child and the well-being of mothers. We encourage every one of you to exercise your democratic right to make a submission to parliament and to contact your local MP.

Every human life is a gift from God. Just as parents spontaneously pray for their unborn child, so we are called to pray for all the unborn, as well as for their parents and extended families. We also pray for wisdom for our MPs.

Our belief in the sanctity of life is demonstrated in the way we show love for both unborn children and their mothers. The message others hear from us will be shaped not just by our words, but also by the way in which we speak and act. We need to ask: ‘After this debate is over, will our faith communities be seen as places of love, compassion and care that women facing the challenges of a pregnancy will want to turn to?’


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