Children benefit from big funding boost for Homes of Hope


Homes of Hope is thanking the community for helping it deliver tangible outcomes for children in New Zealand society.

Homes of Hope is foster care that keeps siblings together and ensures they are not moved from placement to placement whilst in care.

This stability and consistency of care is crucial to their healing journey and supports their transition to their forever home, Homes of Hope says.

The community’s generous and ongoing support provides tangible outcomes for children says Co-founder, Hilary Price.

“Our overall goal is to keep siblings together, restoring their health and wellbeing whilst their families and whānau are being supported to ultimately reunite them back into their whānau where possible or to find their forever home where they go together with their siblings.

“It is so important that we can provide the quality of care that these tamariki require.

“We are privileged and blessed to be able to care for these beautiful children who have had a difficult start to their short lives.

“Our kaitiaki responsibilities are to be able to make a tangible difference in their lives as they walk into their futures.”

Price says that without the help, its homes would not receive the critical professional, and practical support needed to be able to deliver the quality of care we know is required if we are to see the children flourishing and the homes running as smoothly as they do.

The Homes of Hope foster care organisation provides a place for abused and neglected children to recover from trauma. They receive therapeutic care with wrap-around, comprehensive supports to help them thrive.

Support involves child-centred Play Therapy while house parents and caregivers are trained to provide the most appropriate, responsive, and child-centred care for children, particularly those who are trauma-experienced.

Price singles out TECT ’s generous funding and ongoing support.

“We are incredibly fortunate and grateful to have the support of TECT over so many years; they have become such a supportive and valued member of our greater family. Having a funding partner who has seen us grow over the years, journeying with us, is a testimony to the fruits of a great partnership.”

In July, the Tauranga-based charitable trust celebrated the completion of the fourth home on their current site for up to six more children to stay at any one time (see image).

The charity can now care for up to 14 children at a time.


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