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Pope Francis delivered a poignant address to a gathering of entrepreneurs and underscored that human efforts, not machines, derive the true value of work.

He stressed that businessmen and businesswomen play a crucial role in advancing the common good through the creation of employment opportunities, particularly for the youth.

In the message delivered on August 28, Francis said “Today, an increasingly important way of participating in the common good is to create jobs, jobs for everyone, especially young people — trust young people: they need work, and you need them.”

The pope said, “Every new job created is shared wealth, which does not end up in the banks to generate financial interest but is invested so that new people can work and make their lives more dignified.”

“Work is legitimately important,” he underlined.

“For if it is true that work ennobles man, it is even truer that it is man who ennobles work. It is we, and not the machines, who are the true value of work.”

Unchecked capitalism warning

Bishop Matthieu Rougé of the Diocese of Nanterre, France, read Pope Francis’ message during the opening day of the Meeting of Entrepreneurs of France, held at the Paris Longchamp Racecourse on August 28 and 29.

Pope Francis acknowledged the challenges the business world faces, including geopolitical conflicts and the economic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. He conveyed empathy for entrepreneurs, recognising that business challenges, closures and failures take an emotional toll.

He urged business leaders to view their endeavours as vocations and moral responsibilities, encouraging them to infuse creativity into civil society. The pope warned against the impact of unchecked capitalism on the planet. He underscored the urgency for entrepreneurs to step up and do more for the well-being of future generations.

In his closing remarks, Pope Francis recognised the contributions of entrepreneurs to date. However, he urged them to rise to even greater heights. He declared, “This is an urgent time, a very urgent time: We must, you must, do more. The children will thank you, and I with them.”


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