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Beacons of hope

In a heartfelt message, Pope Francis has called upon young people to become beacons of hope in a world struggling with conflict, suffering and desolation.

“When we think of human tragedies, especially the suffering of the innocent, we too can echo some of the Psalms and ask the Lord ‘Why?’  At the same time however, we can also be part of God’s answer to the problem” the pope said.

Addressing the theme of “Rejoicing in Hope,” the pope’s message precedes the upcoming diocesan World Youth Day, scheduled as the Solemnity of Christ the King.

“Created by him in his image and likeness” he continued, “we can be signs of his love, which gives rise to joy and hope even in situations that appear hopeless.”

The annual World Youth Day, established initially by St John Paul II in 1985, fosters unity among young Catholics across the globe.

The next international World Youth Day is planned for Seoul, South Korea in 2027.

Young adults are also invited to attend a Jubilee of Young People in Rome during the 2025 Jubilee Year.

“Sadly, many of your contemporaries who experience wars, violent conflict, bullying and other kinds of hardship are gripped by despair, fear and depression” he said.

“They feel as if they are in a dark prison, where the light of the sun cannot enter.”

He pointed to the high suicide rate among teens and young adults in some countries as a dramatic sign of the level of depression in the world.

“In such situations, how can we experience the joy and hope of which St Paul speaks?” Francis said.

Faith-driven optimism

In response to such desolation, Pope Francis called for an adherence to faith-driven optimism and becoming beacons of hope.

He stressed that authentic Christian joy emanates from encounters with Christ, not from human endeavours.

The pope gave two pieces of advice for keeping hope alive: to spend time daily in prayer and to make the decision to live in hope.

“When you feel surrounded by the clouds of fear, doubt and anxiety and you no longer see the sun, take the path of prayer” he said, recalling Benedict XVI’s words in the encyclical Spe Salvi:

“For ‘when no one listens to me anymore, God still listens to me’.”





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