Priest of Pacopampa exhumed after 3,000 years

A tomb which had lain undisturbed for 3,000 years has been unearthed during excavations in northern Peru, authorities say.

The occupant of the grave was dubbed the Priest of Pacopampa by archaeologists after the highland area where it was found.

Researchers dug through six layers of ash mixed with black earth to reach his skeleton, which was accompanied by two seals and other sacred offerings.

The seals indicated the presence of ancient ritual body paint used for people of elite status, Peru’s culture ministry said in a statement.

Project leader Yuji Seki told Reuters news agency that the large size of the tomb, nearly 2m (2.2 yards) in diameter and 1m deep, was “very peculiar,” as was the position of the body lying face down with one half of his body extended and feet crossed.

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