Nicaraguan priests transferred to prison notorious for torture, deplorable conditions

Eight priests have been transferred to a prison notorious for torture and deplorable conditions as the Nicaraguan regime again ramps up its repression of the Catholic Church.

The churchmen were moved Oct 15 to El Chipote prison on the outskirts of the nation’s capital, Managua, after being held under house arrest in the National Seminary of Our Lady of Fatima, according to sources speaking with independent Nicaraguan news organisation La Prensa.

Six of the priests had been abducted by police and paramilitaries from their parishes and parish residences between Oct 1 and Oct 9 in the dioceses of Estelí, Jinotega and Bluefields.

Two other churchmen from the Diocese of Estelí, being held in the seminary, also were moved to El Chipote, according to La Prensa.

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