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Kirill must not be Putin’s altar boy, says Pope

Thursday, May 5th, 2022

Pope Francis has warned the leader of Russia’s Orthodox Church that he “cannot become Putin’s altar boy.” In a recent media interview Francis says Patriarch Kirill’s support of the war in Ukraine became clear to him during their 40-minute zoom discussion in March. In this, Kirill spent half the time reading out justifications for President Read more

Fight poverty, hunger, disease – not each other

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

People’s real battles should be spent on fighting poverty, hunger, disease, thirst and slavery, Pope Francis says. They should be spending money on those battles, not on fighting each other, nation against nation. Yet vast sums are spent on armaments for waging war. This is “a scandal” that just drags civilisation backward, Francis told a Read more

Vatican diplomat says Russia has ‘noted’ offer of mediation in Ukraine war

Thursday, March 17th, 2022

According to the Vatican’s top diplomat, Russia has “taken note” of the Holy See’s willingness to mediate between the Kremlin and Ukraine to end the war, but has made no sign of wanting to take up the offer. The Holy See is “ready” to help mediate, Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Read more

Vatican offers to mediate between Russia and Ukraine

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022
Vatican mediate Ukraine Russia

The Vatican Secretary of State said that it is not too late for peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, and that the Holy See is willing to mediate between the two warring parties. Cardinal Pietro Parolin said the Vatican is “willing to facilitate dialogue with Russia” and “ready to help” all parties involved to return Read more

Scottish development agency “gutted” Francis won’t attend COP26 climate summit

Monday, October 11th, 2021
Pope will not travel to COP26

The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis will not travel to Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit but stopped short of giving a reason for his non-attendance. The Director of the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund, Alistair Dutton, is said to be “gutted” over Francis no-show. The announcement was “an enormous disappointment for everyone who Read more

Reserves of goodness needed to confront world’s challenges

Monday, September 27th, 2021
Goodness needed to confront challenges

Humanity needed the “reserves of goodness present in human hearts” to confront the many challenges facing the world community says Cardinal Pietro Parolin. Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See made the comment in a video statement addressed to the General Debate of the UN General Assembly. Referring to the theme of the Debate, Read more

Long-awaited reform of Roman Curia almost ready

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin says the long-awaited constitution for a reformed Roman Curia is basically finished. It is now undergoing a legal review by the Church’s canon lawyers, he says. How the Catholic Church continues to deal with the clergy sex abuse crisis, bioethical issues in society and the upcoming Vatican maxi-trial Read more

Vatican not blocking Italian government’s LGBT rights move

Monday, June 28th, 2021

Accusations that the Vatican is trying to block Italy’s government from passing laws to further protect LGBT rights are unfounded, says the Vatican Secretary of State. Cardinal Pietro Parolin says he personally approved the diplomatic communication, which rather than attacking the LGBT community, was intended to express concerns over the proposed Italian legislation. The Vatican Read more

Sad loss of reason in Europe

Monday, April 12th, 2021
Europe faith and reason

The Vatican Secretary of State has said that euthanasia and abortion laws in Europe represent not only a loss of faith but also a loss of reason. “These anthropological changes that are taking place, losing the identity of the human person. Before a loss of faith, I would say that it is a loss of Read more

Pope Francis removes financial authority from Vatican’s Secretariat of State

Monday, November 9th, 2020

Pope Francis is removing the ability of the Vatican’s Secretariat of State to administer its own financial portfolio. This follows a major shake-up of authority among Vatican offices after a series of financial scandals that included the unusual resignation of a cardinal in September. In an Aug. 25 letter, made public by the Vatican Nov. Read more