Bay of Plenty Pro-Life Trust promises help for pregnant women

An advertisement  in the Bay of Plenty Times in Friday 2 August  and a lists 25 local ministers of religion who promise pregnant women that they will do all they can to “bring a healthier solution for you and life to your precious child.”

The advertisment was placed by the Voice for Life Bay of Plenty Charitable Trust.

Chairman Don Brebner said it was a collective response from churches over abortion services being brought to Tauranga.

“When you are dedicated with respect for life, you’re obviously obliged to do what you can.”

Brebner said there were several support services in the community that could help mothers in situations where they might not be able to afford to bring a baby into the world.

“Up to now, the Catholics have worked through the Magellan Trust and it has helped nearly 100 or more women in that situation over the past five years.”

The trust was connected to the St Vincent de Paul Society in providing financial assistance to people who needed it, he said.

Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand executive member Alison McCulloch questioned what concrete support the churches could offer and said she hoped the approach was genuine, regardless of the women’s eventual decision.

Tauranga Family Planning Clinic began abortion services in April this year.



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