It’s a short step to abortion after birth

Could infanticide become legal here in New Zealand? The state of Victoria gives us a clue.

A coalition of feminist groups, politicians and leading doctors campaigned for the decriminalisation of the state’s abortion law. The Abortion Law Reform Act was passed by the state Parliament in October 2008. Two medical ethicists have put the case for infanticide in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

In the Roman era, infanticide was routine and normal.

The spreading influence of Christianity put a stop to the practice.

In 1920, Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche published their book The Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life which advocated “compassionate” killing of those deemed “human ballast”.

In an article in the NZ Herald, Bernard Moran says that when abortion up to birth is made legal, it is a short step to abortion after birth.

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Bernard Moran is the national president of Voice for Life

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