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Come Holy Spirit come and keep on coming

Thursday, May 25th, 2023
Ash Wednesday

To fully grasp what Jesus was really ‘on-about’ during His public ministry can only happen in light of Pentecost Sunday. The disciples not only linked the dots but were convinced without a doubt that ‘their mutual friend’ was the Son of the Living God. He was the Saviour their ancestor had pined for. Jesus’ execution Read more

Pentecost: Baptism is not a Sacrament for us to be tucked away

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022
Ash Wednesday

Pentecost occurred in a locked upstairs room in downtown Jerusalem. Afraid, Mary and the apostles were hiding, but in complete contrast, the Holy Spirit directs the ‘door be opened’ and redirect the initial Church’s focus outward. New energy dawned with the birth of the Church and the Holy Spirit charged the Apostles and Mary to Read more

A synodal Church: the diversifying Spirit

Monday, May 24th, 2021
Ordinary Catholics experience of synodality

When we mention the Spirit work in the creation we think his bringing unity, drawing together, and reconciliation: the Spirit is unifying. Any such stress carries with it twin dangers. First, that we then assume that somehow that is all the Spirit does, the Spirit is there – almost functionally – to produce unity and Read more

Despite differences Christians are ‘one in Christ’

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Christians are “one in Christ” despite differences between denominations and traditions, says the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Welby made this statement to over 5,000 Christians across various denominations and traditions gathered at a Pentecost event marking the culmination of “Thy Kingdom Come”, a 10-day prayer initiative. “We’re all different, we look different, we have Read more

Pope Francis warms to charismatic movement

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Pope Francis has told Catholics from the charismatic movement that he was not always comfortable with the way they prayed. But little by little, he came to see the good the movement is doing for members and for the Church, the Pope told 50,000 people at Rome’s Olympic Stadium on June 1. The gathering involved Read more

Pentecost fails to ignite

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Pentecost is no match for the World of Wearable Art that puts the Wow factor into Wellington. The festival where art, fashion and theatre collide, the only boundaries being the limits of human imagination . Festivals need to promise good times, strutting their stuff with music, laughter, food, entertainment and, if we allow them to, speaking Read more